Disney Pineapple Dole Whip Cocktail


Two years ago we went to Disneyland. I had only been once before and that was in middle school. The best part of planning the trip was the food of course! I had a list of things I wanted to try throughout both parks. We didn’t quite make it through my entire list and sadly some of the recommendations were a total bust. One, however, stands out two years later. Pineapple whip at the Tiki Hut. I loved the wonderful combination of tangy pineapple and creamy ice cream. It actually remains one of my best Disneyland memories!

I was reading up on cocktail recipes last week and came across a mention of Whipped Vodka. It sounded like a fun one to play with so I picked up a giant bottle at the liquor store. I’m not crazy – there was a rebate which made it cheaper than the smaller bottle. My husband was very surprised to discover I had bought the biggest bottle of vodka you can. We cracked it open at our cocktail recipe party. I mixed some with pineapple juice magic happened.

This really is the world’s simplest cocktail. Creamy whipped vodka and pineapple juice – the fresher the better. Shake with ice and serve. The flavor is perfect, strongly reminiscent of my Disney treat without being an alcoholic milk shake. We made the first batch with no ice cream but it’s fun with a little scoop of vanilla floating on top too. Pour one of these and enjoy a little vacation in a glass.

Disney Pineapple Whip Cocktail
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1 drink
  • 1 shot whipped vodka
  • 4oz pineapple juice
  • vanilla ice cream, optional
  • strawberry and lemon for garnish if desired
  1. Fill a cocktail shaker half full with ice. Add vodka and pineapple juice. Shake.
  2. Pour into chilled glass and serve with ice cream or desired garnish.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 5oz

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