Feast Portland 2016 Starts Today!

Feast Portland Starts Today! 

Our son is at grandma’s house being spoiled and enjoying life to the highest.  The cameras are charged and at the ready.  My tummy is primed and ready for three days of eating and drinking and exploring all that Oregon has to offer!

For the last week I have been trying to guess what my favorite nibbles will be.  Maybe the “Early Fall Delight” Mead or maybe one of the sandwiches from tonight’s Sandwich Invitational?  Of course it might be the E.Z. Orchards Cidre. Their French Bittersweet apples sound amazing. But maybe I will fall in love with something from Rogue Creamery?

Seriously, a girl could loose sleep at night thinking of all the glorious food that is to come.  When I checked this morning it looked like tickets were pretty much sold out but you can follow my adventures on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and mark your calendars for Feast next year!

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5 thoughts on “Feast Portland 2016 Starts Today!

  1. Hi Mirlandra, am I still subscribed to your blog? It seems it’s been awhile since I got your last post. I tried re-subscribing and it said I was already subscribed.

    • Hi Aileen – you are still subscribed but a new newsletter went out this Sunday for the first time since May. I am sorry it has been so long. I am hopeful I will get them out most weekends now. Thanks for staying in touch! I see you pop in on Instagram from time to time and enjoy connecting with you 🙂

    • Thank you, Cindy! Those are wonderful words that make my day 🙂 I really enjoy sharing my favorite kitchen treats with people like you. Have a great week!

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