Happy National Cat Day

National Cat DayThis is my handsome boy, now our middle cat, giving Jonathan his serious grown up face.  In all reality he is a sucker for a tummy rub, will do anything for tuna and likes to play fetch with a soft pink fluff ball.

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2 thoughts on “Happy National Cat Day

  1. I love his face! He looks like my Oopie’s face (pure love). It took them forever to forgive me for leaving them for a grandchild for a month! lol Any toys you recommend? Mine are so bored. I got a catapillar that runs on batteries they chased around but it ran out of steam after two days chase!

    • With a new kitten in the house it seems like everything is a toy! Tiger’s favorite toy is a little pink fluff ball that looks like a large pom pom. When he is in the mood he will play fetch with you for 20 minutes or more as long as you will throw it down the hall.
      All of our cats love what I call the “bell and feathers.” It has a handheld stick with a string that holds feathers and a noisemaker (usually a bell) at one end. Jonathan will rig it up so it is clamped somewhere and the kitties will play for hours. Sometimes we hold it and play with them. One time I took it away and put it on a high shelf in the wall and Zip just sat and watched it until I brought it down again. He was nice about it but made it very clear that this would not do!
      We did try to get them some automated toys (similar to the caterpillar you have I think) but they are less interested in those. We gave them away to some kids that loved them instead. That was a big hit.
      Jonathan also plays with them with a laser pointer a lot. Everybody loves the laser!

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