Heavenly Blueberry and Cream Angel Dessert from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Have you been over to Mel’s Kitchen Cafe yet?  This woman cracks me up.  Big time.  The weather is supposed to warm up a bit this weekend – mid 70’s- at least so I was thinking of serving a nice outdoor dessert in our back yard before the weather changes again.  Mel has an awesome Heavenly Blueberry and Cream Angel Dessert  that sounds like the PERFECT thing.  Rich blueberries dressed up with a decadent sauce and piled high with pillows of angel food cake.  Be still my heart!  I was supposed to be making Black Magic Cake for our Friday night dinner party but now all I really, really want is this.

There are so many great food blogs out there but Mel is something a little bit extra special.  Every  time I read one of her posts I start to smile, then to giggle and pretty soon I’m guffawing in my desk chair.  This post was pretty funny.  Check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Heavenly Blueberry and Cream Angel Dessert from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

  1. Today is my mother’s birthday, and oh did she love to experiment in the kitchen and cook new and unusual dishes. She kept cookbooks stacked on her nightstand so she could read new recipes far into the night. She would have loved this blog. In her honor, I have now read every single one of your posts that I could get my hands on. I hope you keep your confident, anyone can do it , willing to try new things attitude. And that I will be reading your posts for a long time to come. Bon appetit et bon voyage!!!!!!!!

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