Hi there.  Welcome to my little corner of the internet!  My name is Mir-Lan-Dra – three syllables, pronounced just the way it is spelled.  I have been sharing my love of cooking and experimenting since I was four.  I don’t remember a time when I was not making food for people and trying new things in the kitchen.  My friend, Sky, recently told me that the best recipes come out of people sharing.  Her comment sums up the heart and soul of Mirlandra’s Kitchen.  I am a self-taught cook.  I learned through recipe books, trial and error, cooking shows, and from other people.

You will always find encouragement here and cooking ideas for any skill level.  My dream is to champion cooks at every level in the pursuit of delicious, delicious food.  I hope the recipes you find at Mirlandra’s Kitchen become some of your favorites!

When I share a recipe with you it has been tested and refined.  I try to make sure you have all the information you need to make it in your kitchen.  Sometimes I will post extra tips, tricks or photos to help you create something amazing.  I believe anybody can learn to cook and that it starts by trying.

I am married to the great love of my life, Jonathan, and we three rescued cats (Zip, Tiger and Celeste) who visit the blog on occasion.  Jonathan is an engineer with a grown up job, but he still finds time in the evening to do all the behind-the-scenes webpage stuff that makes this blog work.  He is also the guy in charge of kissing the cook, chief recipe tester, recipe brain-stormer and co-conspirator.  Some of the photos and food styling you see are his.  We live our life as a team, always trying to help each other to be the best that we can be. We created Mirlandra’s Kitchen together.




  • Spend spring or summer in France throwing myself into the art of pastry making
  • Spend a season in Italy traveling and studying cooking
  • Take some butchering classes (actually it sounds kind of disgusting but I would learn such useful things about meat)
  • Take an Oceania Cruise on the Marina ship or Riviera ship  and play in the Bon Appétit Culinary Center.
  • Experiment with smoking food
  • Eat a lobster in Maine
  • Change the world one home cooked meal at a time


MY NAME:  People always ask where my name comes from.  I love my name and the wonderful, creative parents that gave it to me.  The took the name“Mir-i-lan-dra”  from time time of Camalot and simplified it to three syllables.  The “Mir” syllable is representative of my mother’s name, “Miriam.” The “lan” syllable is representative of my father’s name, “Orlando.” For a brief period in grade school I tried to get everybody to call me Jane but other than that I have always enjoyed having a unique name.


QUESTIONS:  If you have a problem or question with a recipe please leave a comment.  I will try to get back to you quickly and clarify or help you troubleshoot. If you have other questions, I can be reached at 



INTEGRITY:  I am committed to blogging with integrity.  I do not take other people’s recipes without giving them credit and I cite sources as needed.

If I recommend a product, I believe in that product.  I don’t make recommendations without using something myself.   If I am given something to review it gets my honest opinion. When I am paid for the content of a post or by a company I will let you know up front.  When I write a sponsored post I will give my honest opinions and only accept sponsorship from companies I believe are worth promoting.

AMAZON:  I include Amazon links in many reviews because it’s often the most cost effective / convenient way to buy something.  I happen love Amazon personally and use it often.  Full disclosure – I use the Amazon Affiliate program.  I love blogging and sharing my recipes with you but to do that I need to buy food, camera equipment, web space, etc, etc, etc.  And of course Zip, Tiger and Celeste are always on the verge of picketing to demand higher rations of their Beloved Tuna!

I am legally required to give the following statement:  Mirlandra Neuneker is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

ADVERTISING:  In September 2014, we started running advertisements on the blog.  I get paid to run these. There are advertisers I do not allow on the blog because of what or how they advertise.  When I make an advertising choice for the blog I choose what I feel is right over making money.   This blog is an extension of the hospitality in my kitchen and I want readers to know they are protected here.


To Erica at Thank you for telling me I should do this and for answering about a million questions about blogging. You taught me so much and I’m so blessed to have you in my life!

To Lacy Brown and Katie Moore: No woman could ask for better friends. Your honest encouragement and thoughtful reviews have helped so much to shape this project. Thank you both for keeping our friendships strong across thousands of miles and many years. You both bring me so much joy. Special thanks to Lacy for the design work you put into my header on top of the pressing work of your PhD.

To my family: You ate the bread pudding with cheese blobs in it when I was 12. You endured my pie phase at 16. You never complained when I made gallons of fire ant jam. You greeted each new cooking project with encouragement. This blog is no exception. Nobody could ask for more loving cheerleaders in life.

To my husband, Jonathan: Thank you for choosing me again every, single day and for believing in me throughout each crazy project I tackle. You are the unexpected and amazing love my life and I cannot imagine being on this journey without you. Thank you for all the code you wrote for this website, for teaching me the settings on our camera, and for telling me every single day that you love me.

This blog would never have come to pass without the dedicated hard work and encouragement of my many writing teachers: Linda Nimmo, Mary Lou Russ, Dr. Chris Anderson and Dr. Lisa Ede. From middle school through the end of my time at Oregon State University each of you called me up to my best work and encouraged me in my craft. Thank you!

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