Review and Giveaway: Fix It and Forget It Slow Cooker Magic

Meet the only slow cooker cookbook I have ever fallen in love with: Fix It and Forget it Slow Cooker Magic

Meet the only slow cooker cookbook I have ever fallen in love with!  Fix It and Forget It Slow Cooker Magic is the best slow cooker book I have ever used!

I genuinely love to cook. Give me a free afternoon, and people to feed for dinner and I will happily produce an elaborate meal! Sure, my feet might hurt at the end of the day but my heart is full. Besides, I like to make my bath tub feel appreciated!

Unfortunately pregnancy has put a real crimp in my cooking style. I don’t have the energy for very many big cooking projects and some days making dinner just does not happen. Heck, this year I even agreed to not cook Thanksgiving dinner. That alone might put me in therapy!

I have a few good slow cooker recipes, but every time in the I have picked up a new slow cooker recipe book to guide my experimenting I have been utterly disappointed. Ruined food. Disgusting dinners. Unclear directions. Honestly when other moms told me how much they loved slow cooker dinners I wanted to roll my eyes!

This summer I was sent a copy of Phyllis Good’s Fix-It and Forget-It Slow Cooker Magic. By page 5 I was starting to get excited. On page 6 I understood that this was a different kind of slow cooker book. Phyllis actually teaches you how to harness the power of a slow cooker and provides the correct guidance to make something amazing for dinner with little effort!

The first recipe I made was for simple country pork ribs. Everything was going great until I forgot to set a timer! (Pregnancy has not been kind to my mental facilities). When I remembered I frantically checked the meat temperature with the thermometer only to discover the ribs were disastrously overcooked. My husband arrived shortly afterward to a house that smelled amazing and a wife in tears.

Jonathan loves ribs and was not as ready to give up as I was. He tried the meat and declared it amazing! As much as he loves me, he does not lie to me, even to make me happy, so I tried it too. It actually was really great! Imagine my surprise: a slow cooker recipe book so good that even when you make a mistake the food still turned out!

At the end of the day this is one of the few books I review that I am actually keeping and cooking from on a regular basis! It is a book I would buy and give as a gift. It is a book worth using time and time again!

You can pick up a copy on Amazon today, or you can enter to win a copy from the publisher below! Either way I hope you enjoy this great book and that it makes your dinner time easier!

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47 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Fix It and Forget It Slow Cooker Magic

  1. The ease of throwing the ingredients into the crock in the morning and having a fantastic meal that night. No fuss, no muss….no slaving in the kitchen!!

  2. My favorite thing about a slow cooker is actually what the title of the book says, fixing it and forgetting it until time to eat!

  3. I run an in home daycare, am a busy Mom, and a Pampered Chef consultant. Crock pot meals are a must in our family! I use my crock pot about 3 times a week, and I am always looking for new recipes. I am excited to use this cookbook.

  4. I love the convenience of a slow cooker but my absolute favorite part is how excited my family gets! When my husband and boys walk in and can’t wait to eat because it smells so good makes me happy! I would love this cookbook to keep that smile on their faces!

  5. I made this last weekend……one of our first really cool, crisp days. It was so tender and tasty…..nothing left for the next day. With a salad and veg and apple crisp for dessert, I had one happy family.

  6. In the summer I like that they don’t heat up the kitchen like my oven does. Mostly though I love that you can pop some thing in and go.

    • I’m so with you! I have even used them outside the back door when I lived in CA. Sometimes you just gotta do something crazy!

  7. I just introduced my co-worker to your blog and the first thing she said was “I love that book!” followed by “is this her blog?”


    • I wish I could take credit for such a wonderful cook book but I’m afraid it is not to be. I’m really thinking about putting together a great cook book of my own but it will probably have to wait until after baby arrives! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love to use my slow cooker year round!! Easy meals that are ready by dinner!! I would love to win this.. perfect for all the different schedules of my family!!! Congratulations on a healthy baby!! Enjoy every single second of it all.. time will fly!!

  9. I love that I can put it together in the morning and when I get home from work, dinner is ready. I don’t know how people get by without a slow cooker, they must eat out a lot.

  10. I have never owned a slow cooker cookbook, even though I live by myself & am 63 yrs. old, I still cook dinner for myself every night. It is a challenge though & I have a small slow cooker, but I love it……please include me in your drawing?NB

    • As much as a slow cooker can help things along I think it is nice to be able to make yourself dinner the old fashioned way too! I’m so glad you can!

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