Striped Summer Jam: An Easy Jam Project

This easy jam recipe combines no cook versions of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry jam for delicious and beautiful jars of perfect summer jam.  Project is kid friendly and perfect for toast, gifts, or as a dessert sauce!

Have you ever had mixed berry jam? It’s a flavor explosion.  The berries blend together and meld  into this amazing new flavor.  I absolutely love the complexity of the final result.  This summer I got to thinking about the way flavors blend.  When you make say, Blackberry-Raspberry jam, you no longer taste blackberry or raspberry, but something new.  I was in the mood to experiment.  I wanted jam that was a flavor mix and not a blend.  I also wanted something pretty…  I had quite the collection of my easy 10 Minute Jams to play with.  I had eaten all the White Nectarine, it was a small, exquisite batch that went fast.  However, I still had plenty of Strawberry, Blackberry and Raspberry to work with.

The results of my experiment went well beyond my expectations.  The jars are eye-catching (meeting my “pretty” requirement) and fun .  And the layered jam is excellent.  You can swirl and smear it around on toast until it’s exactly the degree of mixed and not mixed that you like.  It’s different every morning.  Now instead of having three jars of jam in the fridge I have one, and it’s a wild mix.

I took the three different jams and scooped them into pint jars 1/3 cup at a time, alternating layers.  I tried one jar with six layers and two jars with three layers.  If you only want to make three layers simply use two scoops of each type of jam as you fill the jar.  Nothing to it.

If you want to make this I linked my 10 minute jam recipes above.  Click through to see how to prepare each one (all very similar and easy).  I love how this offers the chance to experiment and be creative with each different jar.  My only word of caution: Don’t have too much fun!!!

This is more of an idea than a recipe so there is no printable version for this post.  If somebody decides they want one let me know and I will throw one up.  Happy jamming!

P.S.  This is a great kid project.  If you are cooking with littles I suggest picking up a copy of Jamberry by Bruce Degan to read with them.  It’s such a fun berry book with catchy rhymes and great illustrations- a favorite of mine to since childhood.

This easy jam recipe combines no cook versions of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry jam for delicious and beautiful jars of perfect summer jam.  Project is kid friendly and perfect for toast, gifts, or as a dessert sauce!

If you love jams with a complex flavor profile, make sure you try my recipe for Peach Melba.  It is a unique and wonderful blend of raspberries and peaches that makes a beautiful blush / pink jam!

Peach Melba Jam

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4 thoughts on “Striped Summer Jam: An Easy Jam Project

  1. Just joined! I see nothing but great recipes and good desserts and meals ahead! When I saw you said I’d see some cat photos that was a welcomed bonus! On vacation a few years ago they had a triple berry jam on the buffet and called it Bumble Berry. I will be making your jams, do you put freezer jams in a plastic container, a plastic bag, I don’t think glass ( I am a pretty good cook and not new to a kitchen) but wanted to be sure! Thanks for your time

    • Yeah! I’m so glad you are enjoying my online kitchen :) Lately the cats have been hanging out on Instagram. I need to get some of the latest photos up on the blog. They have been so silly recently! Frankly I freeze freezer jam in whatever I have on hand. One of my favorite things is peanut butter jars. I save them, peel off the labels, and freeze jams, soups and all sorts of things in them. In a pinch I will use glass mason jars. One drawback is that our garage freezer is over concrete and when life gets crazy and it gets overfull sometimes glass jars try to make a break for it. Glass + concrete seems to be a recipe for disaster. I don’t use plastic bags as much for anything I will have in the freezer longer term. The rule of thumb on freezer jam is that you don’t freeze it more than 3-6 months. I don’t follow that rule. We often use jam for 1-2 years but this is always a risk. If I just have a bit of extra jam that didn’t fit in the jar I might bag it knowing it will be in the fridge soon. At my core I’m a terribly practical woman. I think this is one of those where the system that works best for your family will be fine. Happy jamming!

      • Thank you for your reply as well as practicality! Prices are so high any more, I’ll be doing more canning ,jamming, and freezing! Thanks again. Can’t wait to see the cats , mine is sound asleep on my legs with the electric blanket keeping us both toasty as I recover from a bad case of pneumonia!

        • I’m sorry you have been sick! Pneumonia is no fun at all. Stay tuned this summer for some new canning recipes that are in the works.

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