The Little Princess Settles In

KittenThis sweet little one has been in our home for a week and already I’m not sure what we did without her silly kitten antics. Tiger is enjoying it though with caution.  Zip is still convinced we have done a strange and concerning thing.  He also thinks she smells and washes her occasionally when he thinks nobody is looking!

KittenBloggingI can’t help but love her because she enjoys blogging with me.  She is very paws on!!!

Kitten FishingTo be fair – she is paws on pretty much everything right now…  Jonathan has an aquarium screen saver which she is determined to catch.  When pouncing on the monitor does no good she crawls under it and behind it searching for the moving fish.  I’m amazed at her perseverance.

The poor, sweet thing still has no name.  Jonathan is trying to name her Princess Fluffy Butt.  I refuse to cave…  It might be a bit before she has a title.

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