The Reluctant Gourmet on Cheese

This week I have been thinking about Brie.  We are still savoring the treasure of cheese we brought home from Blue Heron French Cheese Company but I know it will soon be gone!!!  I need a magic cheese drawer that keeps itself full of all the best goodies.  Though if I had such a thing the consequences might be disastrous . . .  Anyway, while I was working on Sunday’s post on our trip to Blue Heron, Jonathan came across a great cooking blog called The Reluctant Gourmet which has some useful and hilarious cheese writing.

Once upon a time I was unfamiliar with any cheese outside of cheddar, mozzarella, cream cheese and the like.  It took time for me to come out of my cheese hidey-hole and try some new things.  If you want to learn more about cheese, Reluctant Gourmet shares some really informative and fun facts about cheese.  I also saw some good cooking tutorials on his page.  I know I will be back over and over to perfect some of my kitchen skills.  He simply has great resources.

As I was poking around I found his interview with Cheeseman Jack and I just could not stop laughing!  Sometimes I feel so annoyed with hoity-toity “foodies” who seem to like things just because they think they “should.”  So annoyed, in fact, that when my husband asked if we were becoming foodies I vehemently denied it!  The fact is still not settled in our household. . .

I loved Cheeseman Jack’s thoughts on people and cheese so much I’m contemplating adding a stop in Philadelphia to our next road trip.  Meanwhile I’m going to be a smarter cheese buyer for sure!!!

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