Top 10 Posts of 2016

It has been another great year here at Mirlandra’s Kitchen.  The numbers are in for 2016 and it is time to count down the top 10 posts from the year in true Near Year’s style.  You guys definitely had some favorites!  Drum roll please……..

The numbers are in for 2016 and it’s time to count down the top 10 posts. These are the most popular recipes from the entire year! Are any of your favorite Mirlandra’s Kitchen recipes on the list?



#10: How To Make a Perfect and Easy Prime Rib Roast

Making a special Prime Rib Roast is easier to make than you might think. This recipe has simple instructions and tips to make the perfect roast that will amaze all your dinner guests. This is the holiday roast people will be telling stories about ten years from now!

In just 29 days you guys made this the 10th most popular post for the YEAR!  29 days…  To be fair, it is that good but still you pretty much blew my mind.


#9: Poor Potato Hamburger Casserole


This is one of my childhood favorites and I totally get that you love it too.  I always enjoy getting your comments on this post and hearing the variations you come up with!

#8: Copycat Texas Roadhouse Dinner Rolls and Cinnamon Honey Butter

These Copycat Texas Roadhouse Dinner Rolls are amazingly soft and the Cinnamon Honey Butter puts them over the top! Only 10 minutes of active work!

I can never decide which is better – the rolls or the amazing butter?  The debate will always rage at my house but clearly you all love these soft rolls and sweet, spicy butter.


#7: The Best Coleslaw Ever (According to Me)


This coleslaw was one of my early posts here at Mirlandra’s Kitchen and the photograph is really bad but the recipe is really good!  I have lost track of how many e-mails I have gotten saying this is the new family coleslaw recipe forever!  It really is the perfect coleslaw.  Personally I think the sour cream / mayo combo that makes it so perfect!


#6: Perfect No Chill Sugar Cookies

I have baked hundreds of cookies to arrive at this recipe! There is no chilling required. The cookies actually taste amazing. The process is easy and kid friendly. The frosting is rich and creamy but still something you can pipe on. This, is the holy grail of roll out sugar cookies! I have included all my best tips and a list of the baking equipment I have found works best!

These soft sugar cookies are so simple you can make them with your youngest kids and so yummy you will need to make more than one batch!  This is always one of my most popular recipes!


#5: Brown Sugar Roasted Pineapple


Sweet, decadent, caramelized pineapple.  Enough said?


#4: Sauteed Asparagus and Mushrooms


This simple dish of asparagus and mushrooms is a personal favorite of mine.  It makes my heart happy to see you all love it too!


#3: Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Slow Cooker Pot Roast

We make this easily once a month.  It is so tender and succulent!  It is still my favorite crock pot recipe and you all concur!


#2: Cracker Barrel Pancakes

These Copycat Cracker Barrel Pancakes are a bit better than the ones served at the restaurant. Only 5 ingredients, and instructions to make a homemade mix.

If I could live on pancakes I probably would!  These Copycat Cracker Barrel Pancakes are easy and the best pancakes you will ever have.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the comments on this post.  They are universally adored and have more than earned the #2 spot.


#1: The Best Hamburger Recipe and Burger Tips

This is the best hamburger recipe for juicy, tender burgers everybody loves. My 9 easy hamburger making and grilling tips will have you making the perfect hamburgers all year. Check out my easy tip for making the perfect patty without tools. You can change this recipe up for pineapple / teriyaki burgers in a flash and they are SO good.

You just can’t beat a glorious, juicy burger!  If hamburgers make you heart sing check out my tips and tricks for truly great burgers.


I wonder what your favorites will be in 2017?

The numbers are in for 2016 and it’s time to count down the top 10 posts. These are the most popular recipes from the entire year! Are any of your favorite Mirlandra’s Kitchen recipes on the list?

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts of 2016

  1. I have made the slow cooker pot roast and love it!! And your cole slaw recipe was the inspiration for my own version. Mine never tasted right until I adapted yours. Next up will be to try the pancakes! :) Thanks Mirlandra! I can’t believe your baby will be almost a year old already!

    • Yeah! It is always fun to know that others are enjoying my favorites. It took me years to stumble on the secrets of coleslaw. So many recipes are like that. You just can’t quite find that perfect way you like it and then one day you come across something that just opens it up for you! I love that moment of discovery. I hope you like the pancakes just as much. Since Jonathan had the day off yesterday he made us a batch for a lazy breakfast and they were excellent as always.

      I can’t believe Jack is almost 1! Just a few more days. I don’t feel ready to be the mom of a walking, talking human. We are planning to take him out to a nice dinner on his birthday this week – somewhere he can get all the mandarin oranges he wants to eat! (They are one of his favorite treats.)

  2. I’m trying to copy your easy tri tip recipe, but it’s not working. Could you possible email it? Looks delicious! Thanks so much!

    • Hi Nancy,

      If you look at the bottom of the post you will see the recipe. Under the little photo there is a button that says “Print.” You can print it out by clicking that button. Unfortunately to keep my work protected under copyright laws I cannot e-mail it to you. It seems silly bit in this day and age it must be done.

      I hope you enjoy making the Tri-tip!

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