Zip and Tiger’s Corner: Meet Zip

A month after we got married Jonathan thought he saw a little gray and white kitten darting around the yard.  I thought he was seeing an adult cat that hung around the area, but eventually I saw the little guy too.  Jonathan  wanted to catch the feral kitten and rescue him.  This was also Jonathan’s senior year at Oregon State University.  He was finishing up a degree in engineering which was keeping him busy to say the least.  We both knew it was possible we would be moving in less than a year when he graduated so it hardly seemed like the time to get a pet.  Jonathan was worried about the little kitten I eventually agreed to assist in the rescue.  I did not think we would be able to catch the little guy, let alone tame him up into a pets. I was so wrong…

Jonathan rigged a cage with a drop stick and baited it with food.  The kitten was easily caught but turned out to be almost starved and very sick.  We nursed him back to health, wormed him for about six months (it took THAT long to get rid of the worms) and he and Jonathan are closer than I have ever seen a cat and human become.  Zip loves me too but he loves Jonathan more.  We think Zip is about three now.  He weighs in at 17-18lbs which is giant for a cat who is not at all fat.  When we first saw that little scrap of a kitten we never imagined he would turn into The Hulk of the cat world.  Zip is happiest spending every moment with Jonathan and often waits for him to get home from work.


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