Zip And Tiger’s Corner: The Fur Boys Decide To Have a Smoothie

Life with our Fur Boys is always entertaining.  I never quite know what hijinx they will be up to next.  However, sometimes they quite outdo themselves…

This month I was experimenting with some different shots to decide how I was going to take photos of my smoothie for the blog.  With food it helps to use a low table to get the right angle on the shot.  Of course this puts it in range of curious Fur Boys. . .  I was taking a few test shots when Tiger and Zip decided they needed to find out what I thought was so interesting.  In the end Zip tasted a raspberry, which he deemed unfit for feline consumption,.  Jonathan and I ended up collapsed on the couch laughing.  I drank the smoothie, no photo was accomplished, and the boys had a most excellent time.  Food Blogging + Cats = Grand Amusement.


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