Zip and Tiger’s New Kitten

MeetKittenWhen we got Zip we planned get a second cat sometime in the next few years.  It seemed Zip would like company eventually.  Tiger joined our little family unexpectedly as another rescue just eight months after Zip did.  Though we love cats, we felt that our family was complete with the two fur boys.  We dreamed about owning a farm in the future that would have enough space to rescue some older strays who could be indoor / outdoor.  This fall we started to notice that Zip has become less playful while Tiger has retained a bit more of the kitten personality.  Jonathan spoke wistfully about needing a kitten for Tiger but we discussed it and decided against adding a cat.

On the last Sunday in September we met a sweet little Siamese some friends were fostering for the Idaho Hume Society.  I was standing in the kitchen of their home explaining that we had no plans to take in a third cat.  As I was talking, Jonathan walked in with this sweet little girl in his hands and I just stopped.  I knew in that moment we had just gotten a third cat.  She is beautiful and I have always wanted a Siamese but more than that we just felt like she was meant to be ours.  We went home and talked about it and weighed our options, but it really was a done deal.  After sleeping on it we committed to bringing the little princess home for good.  We had to wait two weeks for her to be done with the initial medical but this Monday we finally got to bring her home!  She is a lively and snugly addition to our household.  The boys were rather shocked and still a bit unsure about the situation but they are all starting to settle in well.

MeetTheKitten2She is four months old now and weighs in at barely two pounds.  Her eyes are vibrant blue and she kneads whatever surface she is on – even hard flooring.  The vet thinks she is close to pure Siamese.  We are now embarked in full fledged kitten training but we count it all joy!

MeetTheKitten1Jonathan and I have held off naming the little princess for now.  She’s so beautiful Jonathan suggested we name her “Beautiful” and have done with it but we have agreed to look for something a bit less, well, conceited!  If you would like to suggest a name for her, please leave a comment!  We could use some good ideas!!!

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