The Mob Museam: A Walk on History’s Wild Side


The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, NV is is not your stereotypical museum. This is a contemporary museum that focuses on integrating historic architecture, new technology, and creative interactive opportunities to immerse you in the history of the Mob. It is an excellent showcase and a must see on your next trip to sin city.

Shoot the Tommy gun and shock yourself with the abrupt staccato of gunfire. Take time to ponder the actual bricks that were smeared with blood and pockmarked with bullets during the Valentine’s Day Massacre. Reflect on the history and debate of capital punishment in front of a full sized replica of an electric chair.


600 artifacts track the progress of the rise of the Mob and the local and Federal law enforcement that pursued them. Multimedia presentations enrich the artifacts and bring the history to live. The best one is in the courtroom itself. Make sure to look up as you leave and see the beautiful old architecture that has withstood the test of time.


The Museum itself is housed in the old Las Vegas Court house. Even the bathrooms add to the ambiance. Amazingly, the building was purchased from government surplus in 2002 for $1 to become the museum.


It is a museum about the history of serious crime and the content reflects that. Before you visit be aware that the museum includes the following:
• drawings of partial female nudity
• graphic photos of murder victims
• mature content about prostitution


Planning Your Trip To the Museum
• Check the brochures in your hotel lobby. Most hotels feature coupons for $2 off the price of admission.
• Plan 2-5 hours for your visit. Two hours is a fast clip through the displays. Three hours is not enough time to read and absorb every word. The true museum enthusiast might enjoy a 4-5 hour visit.
• Paid parking is available in the museum parking lot. It is competitively priced and the best parking option we found.
Pizza Rock, a restaurant down the block, is an excellent lunch or dinner option.  They serve the Mob Boss Special which includes their Boss Pizza and two tickets to the Mob Museum for $64 (regular retail $71.90). Bar seating is quite loud, ask for restaurant seating for quieter rock music. Make sure you notice the Husky Toolboxes at the hostess station and pop into the bathrooms to check out the neat decor.


This museum was one of my favorite stops on our Las Vegas trip. Check out my Best and Worst of Las Vegas post for more things to see or avoid on your trip.

Disclaimer: I received a free Press Ticket in exchange for reviewing the museum. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are mine alone.

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